Take your Google Cloud
to the next level

Targeted restructuring of your applications will allow you to take full advantage of your new IT environment. Our Google Cloud experts and software developers will introduce you to tools such as Google Cloud Kubernetes Engine and App Engine and develop cloud-native applications for you. Wabion also offers exclusive expertise when it comes to the new hybrid and multi-cloud platform Anthos.

Less maintenance and more development thanks to restructuring & modernisation

Wabion leverages advantages of CaaS over PaaS and on-prem

Application Modernization

Google Cloud offers a versatile toolbox to make your applications ‘cloud-ready’, allowing you to harness the full power of cloud computing for your business. Depending on your particular business model, cloud strategy and other factors, we recommend a serverless ‘platform as a service’ or a ‘containerisation as a service’ model. With Wabion, you will find the approach that is right for you and benefit from our in-depth expertise when it comes to modernising applications.

Mit Wabion Transform holen Sie das Maximum aus GCP mit Cloud-Native Applikationen

What is the benefit of ‘cloud-ready’ applications?

Unbureaucratic scaling

Google Cloud scales your infrastructure up and down automatically — depending on the demand of your applications during standard and peak operation.

No CapEx thanks to pay-per-use

With Google Cloud’s flexible pricing, there is no CapEx associated with scaling. You only pay for the costs your applications actually accrue as per demand.

Agile development with CI/CD (‘Low-Ops’)

Modern applications require automatic adjustments. CI/CD with Google Cloud ensures that new versions and features are made available quickly.

Modernisation instead of maintenance (‘No-Ops’)

Thanks to standardized infrastructures and agile development, you can reduce your maintenance work. Focus on your business instead.

Application containerization with
Google Kubernetes Engine

As one of the first Google Cloud products,  App Engine (‘platform as a service’) set a new standard for modern, agile development of applications such as, for example, Spotify. Google Cloud Kubernetes Engine (‘container as a service’) is the next such milestone. Kubernetes is an open-source system for container orchestration developed by Google. Containers hold independent microservices which together make up the application. Compared to monolithic applications, containerized applications have several advantages:

  • Faster market launch: Containerized applications are easier to develop and deploy 
  • Maintenance and testing are rendered more targeted and efficient thanks to microservices
  • Different development teams can concentrate on specific tasks 
  • Business model adjustments can be mapped more easily

Google Anthos — the platform against
vendor lock-ins

With Anthos, Google is taking the next step when it comes to developing and running containerised applications. As an extension of Google Kubernetes Engine, the hybrid and multi-cloud platform allows for containerised applications to run both on-prem as well as in the cloud. Application backends with sensitive data can remain in the existing data centre, while the advantages of the cloud can be fully taken advantage of in the frontend.

As a participant in the Anthos Acceleration Programme, Wabion has supported a variety of clients in the implementation of Anthos, building on our extensive experience with Google Cloud Kubernetes Engine. 


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Cloud-native Application Development

Next to Compute Engine (IaaS), Kubernetes Engine (CaaS) and App Engine (PaaS), Google Cloud offers additional serverless computing options as cloud managed services. With  FirebaseCloud Functions and other GCP products, you can focus solely on development work (‘NoOps’) — Google Cloud handles the rest. 

At Wabion, our software developers have successfully developed applications that offer increased flexibility, unlimited automated scaling and lower costs for both larger and smaller firms.

Cloud-native applications and those developed in Google Cloud directly employ not only the same infrastructure but also the same security and data protection standards that Google also uses for its own products such as Google Search, YouTube, etc.  

API Management

Many companies’ IT landscapes are made up of a variety of different systems. Whereas modern cloud-native applications may dominate in certain areas, legacy systems can often be found in local data centres. 

API management — the management of interfaces between applications — offers a proven solution when it comes to bundling the communication between and the documentation and monitoring of different IT sections under one roof.

We are currently assisting large multinational companies, whose IT environments combine countless systems in very heterogeneous subsidiaries, in the implementation of new API managements. In doing so, we are drawing from lessons learned from successfully completing API management projects and dealing with Apigee, Google Cloud’s API management platform. 


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GCP VM Manager by Wabion

For companies in which employees outside the IT department need uncomplicated access to high performance computing resources, we have developed the GCP VM Manager by Wabion. With a few clicks and without prior special training, the users of our in-house development get the required IT resources for computationally intensive tasks such as comprehensive image analyses for research projects:

  • Via the web frontend, users order and specify the required virtual machines (VM) with a few clicks.
  • Using scripts, the GCP VM manager by Wabion automatically deploys the ordered VMs on Google Cloud Compute Engine.
  • Users can immediately work with the deployed VMs via remote desktop access.
  • Designated administrators regulate not only the access authorizations but also the scope of the VM deployments and the application monitoring – and hence the control of the costs for the computing power on Google Cloud.
  • An on-prem infrastructure is becoming obsolete, and VMs on GCP that are no longer needed are switched off according to application monitoring.

The IOB success story illustrates how companies can take advantage of the flexibility, scalability and attractive pricing of Google Cloud with the GCP VM Manager by Wabion.

UI of the GCP VM Manager by Wabion: The users access the web-based Angular application (frontend) with their G-Suite login. Google Firebase forms the backend. With just a few clicks, users order the required VMs, while a dynamic cost estimate is available. The ordered VMs are automatically deployed using Cloud Build and Deployment Manager and run on Google Cloud Compute Engine.

Wabion Translation Service — machine translation from the cloud

With our full-service approach, you can take advantage of an intuitive web interface and the most state-of-the-art machine learning technologies available to translate both short and long texts in more than 100 languages. Wabion Translation Service employs the power of the Google Cloud Translation API — but without user or advertising tracking and with the possibility of linking additional systems (intranet, e-shop, etc.) as well as choice when it comes to the location of the data centre. Test our GDPR-compliant solution in a live demo and learn more.

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