Collaborating more productively with Google Workspace

More than five million businesses and two billion users rely on Google Workspace in order to be able to work as resiliently as Google. With Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Meet and several other applications, this cloud-native collaboration and productivity solution offers a complete, browser-based office package. Wabion has refined Google Cloud’s Workspace best practices to enable a productive workspace and faster, more intelligent and more productive collaboration in your business.

New Workspace with G Suite

Google Workspace - Make it fast. Make it smart. Make it together.

With Google Workspace, Google incorporates one of its maxims — organising all information and making it easily accessible and usable — into your daily office and work-from-home routine. Google Cloud’s browser-based office suite includes a selection of apps that make possible a new form of collaboration as per the BYOD (bring your own device) principle.

Create: Fostering more exchange

Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites, etc., with ‘real-time collaboration’ allow for simultaneous editing while making changes completely traceable.

Connect: Strengthening teamwork everywhere

Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Chat and other apps increase the productivity of meetings and thereby also their output. Google’s robust infrastructures makes it all possible.

Access: Managing documents intelligently

Drive and Cloud Search eliminate the barriers to efficient storage and management of your data. Built-in AI modules get you to your goal faster.

Control: Keeping data under control

Admin, Vault, etc. provide the highest security & compliance standards at all times. You decide who saves, uses and archives data where and how.

Download and local infrastructure no longer needed: Google Workspace businesses switch between the office and working from home without sacrificing productivity or knowledge transfers. Here, Google Cloud’s data protection and security standards, the unique infrastructure and the 99.9% uptime likewise play a key role.

Overview of the different Google Workspace packages

As a certified Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Google Workspace reseller and service partner, Wabion supports you during your migration (including change management and training) and while choosing a licencing model that is right for you:

  • Business Starter
  • Business Standard
  • Business Plus
  • Enterprise

Google Workspace migration with Wabion

Wabion has successfully assisted companies such as TX GroupKaeser KompressorenConradKoenig & Bauer or Ferrum in their migration and trained their employees. In doing so, we have refined Google’s best practices for the process:

Wabion's refined best practices for G Suite Migration for a productive workspace

The right mix of project management competence, technical expertise and change management know-how is crucial for a successful Google Workspace migration. With this set of skills, we guide our clients via Google Workspace to the next levels in their digital transformation. In doing so, we bring in our GCP expertise and employ the seamless integration of Google Workspace with other GCP offers such as Firebase, BigQuery or the intranet platform LumApps.

Google Workspace Change Management with Wabion

Our holistic and employee-oriented change management is largely responsible for the success of a Google Workspace migration. Together with your specialist departments such as HR development and corporate communication, we create a communication, training and support concept to accompany the switch to Google Workspace. Our experienced change experts support you with creative and proven approaches, offering you as a company the opportunity to go new ways and thus leave a lasting change management experience with your employees and achieve a sustainable result.

Wabion special services for Google Workspace clients

Next to our ‘Get Started’ approach, Google Workspace all-round migration and system integration, we also offer our Google Workspace clients a series of in-house developed workshops and training programmes:

  • Google Workspace – What’s New: Every month, we inform our Google Workspace customers about the newest features via an exclusive newsletter.
  • Google Workspace ‘30: For 30 days, you get receive access to a demo environment, giving you plenty of time to extensively test and evaluate the applications. A Wabion project manager will assist you, organise training sessions and consult you on the optimal use of Google Workspace. Learn more.
  • Google Workspace Security Assessment: Security is a key focus during any Google Workspace migration. This extra one-day workshop is targeted specifically at Google Workspace administrators, data protection officers and chief information security officers to help them bring their Google Workspace environment up to date in terms of security. Learn more.

Google Voice - your smart extension

With the easy-to-use phone solution Google Voice, Google Workspace customers stay connected anywhere, anytime. Whether laptop, tablet or smartphone – companies of all sizes can set up business phone numbers for incoming and outgoing calls on any device to communicate smartly:

Integrated: You can use the familiar Google Workspace Admin console to activate and deactivate Google Voice users, assign phone numbers, manage billing and much more.

Intuitive: Via the Google Voice menu you can form call groups (e.g. by teams) and set up a virtual switchboard to direct callers to the right place in your company.

Intelligent: Thanks to Google’s built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI), you can avoid spam calls and automatically receive mailbox messages also as text messages.

Through the integration with Google Workspace applications (Google Meet, Google Calendar, etc.) and the compatibility with telephony hardware, Google Voice fits in smoothly with your operational processes. Here you can find out more about which Google Voice package is right for your company and how you can create room for growth with the scalability of Google Voice.

Wabion DriveShift - unleash the power of shared drives

Wabion DriveShift developed by Wabion helps your company harness the full power of Google Drive by streamlining your migration from My Drive to shared drives and by increasing the security of crucial data for your company:

  • Wabion DriveShift enables you and your team to move a large amount of folders and files smoothly from MyDrive to shared drives.
  • By migrating to Shared Drives with Wabion DriveShift you reinforce the security of crucial company data compared to the possible protection in MyDrive.
  • Shared drives provide not only more flexibility to organize your folder structure and data access, but also more control to avoid data loss.

Wabion DriveShift developed by Wabion is a very user-friendly solution:

Select Folder

Once you have logged in to the web-based Wabion DriveShift, you select the folders and files you want to move from My Drive to shared drives.

Migration Details

Wabion DriveShift performs a comprehensive analysis of the selected folders and files, listing possible shifts in access permissions due to the move from My Drive to shared drives. There are additional options to protect sensitive data.


The directory displays all the folders and files migrated from My Drive to shared drives.

If you want to improve your Google Workspace experience for your company, your teams and your employees, Wabion DriveShift is the right move.

Wabion Contactify — expanded Google Workspace contact management

Overcome the limited functionalities of Google Workspace contact management with our in-house developed Google Workspace expansion. Wabion Contactify simplifies the individual release of contacts and contact lists to colleagues, the maintenance of department address books and the creation of business directories.

Unlimited contact sharing:
Users can use global contact lists and/or add their own contacts to list and share them in their Google Workspace domain based on the relevant requirements and access level. All in one clear user interface.
Complete Google Workspace integration:
Integrate Wabion Contactify into Google Workspace via the admin panel and make our contact management solution available to your users via the app launcher. Wabion Contactify manages the contacts of the authorised users, as well as their profile information, via the Google Workspace People API.
Mobile devices & syncing:
Wabion Contactify syncs not only “My Contacts” on Android and iOS devices by default but also shared contact groups and the business directory. Syncing is carried out every 10 minutes.
Security & updates:
Wabion Contactify runs on our own Google Cloud Platform instance at Google’s data centre in Frankfurt. Our experienced experts ensure that you always have access to the application’s most up-to-date version.

Chrome for Enterprises

This Google Cloud offer bundles the benefits of Chrome Browser, Chrome OS and special hardware such as Chromebook or Chromebox. It includes a variety of administrative tools, resources and installations packages which enable your IT administration to employ and regulate Chrome within a business environment. Learn more about how Wabion can support you with Chrome Enterprise.

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