Many roads lead to Google Cloud. Wabion has successfully helped countless firms to reach their goal. In doing so, we have refined our 360-Degree Method based on the Google Cloud Adoption Framework in order to develop a cloud vision with you and create your custom GCP organisation. Take advantage of our technical expertise and our wide-ranging change management experience and accelerate your digital transformation.

Cloud Foundation

Whether you’re already in the cloud, on your way there or only at the beginning of your journey — with Cloud Foundation, you get a GCP instance that is custom-tailored to your business needs. The Wabion 360-Degree Method based on Google’s best practices offers plenty of flexibility to pick you up where you currently are in your cloud journey and then move you forward rapidly. 

You want to migrate your IT infrastructure into Google Cloud? And modernise your applications at the same time? Or do you “just” want to run data analytics initially and take advantage of Google Cloud’s machine learning functionalities?

Wabion Cloud Foundation ensures that you get to take advantage of all the benefits associated with Good Cloud Platform in accordance with your own guidelines from the very beginning:

Cloud Foundation bildet die Basis Ihrer GCP Organisation

Cloud Foundation is the bedrock of the ‘Cloud Enterprise Stack.’ It governs how you use Google Compute Engine (GCE)Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)BigQuery and other GCP products in order to develop, run and maintain your applications.

Governance, security, accelerators (tools) and training run through all levels of Cloud Enterprise Stack. The first phase focuses on the central Cloud Foundation elements:

  • Cloud Identity
  • Cloud IAM
  • Networking
  • Monitoring
  • Billing
  • Support 

A clean configuration of these areas allows for automation and therefore repeated use of all your GCP projects. Next to project management, Wabion also takes care of technical implementation with tools like Terraform for automation. We create cost estimates and analyses, handle company-compatible network and security elements and train your employees.

Continue via ‘Get started’ to learn more about how we proceed with developing first solutions as minimum viable products (MVP) on the basis of our common cloud vision and then get your employees on board to realize your digital transformation.


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Security is not only a central pillar of your Cloud Foundation, but also a permanent companion along your Cloud Journey. The requirements related to architecture and security evolve along the way. Taking the Cloud Maturity of your company into consideration, the Wabion Cloud Security Best Practices Assessment evaluates the current state of your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environment against best practices and enables you to close possible security gaps:

Spanning six Evalutation Areas, the WabionCloud Security Best Practices Assessment is a reusable, automated tool to keep your GCP environment, initially setup in the Cloud Foundation, in line with every stage of your Cloud Journey.

Depending on the Cloud Maturity of your company, the focus will be on different sections. Every Evaluation Area includes specific metrics generated in the GCP Inventory Data Analysis and provides best practices as well as guidance on various topics:

  • Resource Management: GCP Organization Hierarchy, Environment & Resource Isolation, Project Creation, Resource Provisioning and Organization Policies.
  • Access Management: User & Group Management, Administrative Roles, Authentication, Assignment of IAM Roles and Service Accounts.
  • Network Management: VPC Architecture, Firewall Rules, Network Logging, VPC Service Controls, DDoS and WAF, Identity-Aware Proxy.
  • Infrastructure Management: VM Identities, Remote Access, Image Management.
  • Data Management: Encryption Key Management, Cloud Storage Security, BigQuery Security, CloudSQL Security, Data Loss Prevention.
  • Security Operations Management: Logging, Monitoring, Network Logging, Policy Scanning, Incident Response.

The Wabion Cloud Security Best Practices Assessment results in a tailor-made Security Optimization Program. This includes a comprehensive report with recommendations that accommodate the Cloud Maturity of your company and empower you to optimize the security settings of your GCP Organization based on best practices.

Learn more here about the Wabion Cloud Security Best Practices Assessment.