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Migration is usually the first step towards transformation. Wabion helps you find the right path and pace while moving your IT infrastructure into Google Cloud. Our certified cloud architects will not only seamlessly migrate your existing structures but also safely implement both hybrid as well as multi-cloud strategies. 

This is how you benefit from moving into Google Cloud:

Unique Security & infrastructure

As the only public cloud provider, Google operates its own, completely private network along with submarine cables and 99.9% uptime.

The same power as Google

GCP clients use the same infrastructure that Google uses for their own products. In this way, you benefit from the same security & compliance.

A provider with provider freedom

Google Cloud pursues a consistent open-source philosophy which makes hybrid and multi-cloud operations as well as the linking of APIs much easier.

Ready-to-go with gcp marketplace

The integrated GCP Marketplace provides a wide range of ready solutions in order to integrate your IT environment and applications even more easily.
Migrate on prem infrastructure to cloud

Lift & Shift Migration

If your goal is to move into Google Cloud especially fast, then a lift & shift migration should be your first choice. With the support of Wabion’s GCP experts, you can move your existing (virtualized) workloads including software stack into the new “Infrastructure as a Service” (IaaS) environment. We have developed a proven approach to this process based on Google’s best practices:

Wabion Methode für eine erfolgreiche Lift & Shift Migration

Risk-assessment and analyses of Workloads, Applications, Data Bases etc. (incl. Cloud Physics)

Workload Transformation: 

Prior clean-ups or upgrades of Operating System, Firmware etc. if necessary


Preparation of resources in  Google Cloud with tools from the GCP-ecosystem

Migration & Sync:

Actual migration process as well as comprehensive testing in the new GCP-environment

Production Cut-Over:

Transition to operating the migrated workloads in the new GCP-environment


Set-up optimization via Sustained Use Discounts, Preemptible VMs etc. based on Wabion’s expertise 

Compared to on-prem solutions, a cloud solution will take a lot of work off your shoulders. There is less need to worry about servers, networks and storage; instead, you can focus on your applications.

After moving to GCP :
more development, less maintenance

Lift & Shift migration ensures a direct and rapid entry to the new IT environment. You benefit from increased flexibility, automated scaling and more transparent pricing. In order to take full advantage of GCP, however, we also recommend modernizing and transforming existing workloads


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Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE)

With VMware Engine, Google Cloud brings the advantages of a lift & shift migration to full effect. Companies that rely on VMware as a virtualization solution for their on-prem data centers can move workloads to the Google Cloud without the detour of refactoring. This opens up new possibilities in the design and further development of their IT infrastructure:

Continued use of the trusted VMware stack:
Dedicated bare metal hardware forms the basis of GCVE. After the migration you can operate your VMware environment with familiar tools such as vSphere, vCenter, vSAN, NSX-T and HCX in combination with the high-performance, scalable infrastructure of Google Cloud.
Lift & Shift as well as Hybrid-Cloud:
With VMware HCX, you can migrate your on-premise VMware environment to the Google Cloud with just a few clicks and / or expand your private VMware Cloud with GCVE in a Hybrid-Cloud approach. In any case, you benefit from fully redundant, dedicated network connections with 4 x 25Gbit / s and cloud network services such as Interconnect and Cloud VPN.
Disaster Recovery:
Replace, renew or complement your Disaster Recovery strategy. As in the areas of Storage and Security, GCVE enables you to continue using your familiar third-party tools for Disaster Recovery.
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure:
GCVE enables your employees to work from anywhere and on all devices, e.g. with VMware Horizon or Citrix. The high-performance, All-Flash, hyper-converged, and scalable GCVE infrastructure will meet the needs of your most demanding applications.
Integration with other Google Cloud solutions:
Via native VPC networks resp. with private Layer-3-access, you can integrate your VMware environment with other Google Cloud services such as BigQuery (data analysis), Anthos (application modernization) and many more.

Taking care care of the lifecycle management of your VMware software stack and the administration of the infrastructure, GCVE minimizes your operational expense. You can focus on your business and the transformation of your business-critical applications, while relying on the 99.99% availability of Google Cloud services. More and more companies rely on GCVE and benefit from the flexible pricing. As a GCVE-experienced partner, Wabion supports you in your GCVE journey.

Contact us and we will start with a Workload Assessment.

Workload Assessment

During the workload discovery phase (i.e. the preparations prior to migration to Google Cloud), a Workload Assessment can provide insight into the costs associated with the existing on-prem environment — and the benefits that a move into Google Cloud would bring along with it. In just a few minutes, you will learn:

  • How much is my current on-prem infrastructure (“private cloud”) including my VMware environment and legacy servers costing me?
  • Where is the most room for optimization?
  • How does the “Cloud-fit” for my workloads look like?
  • How much would your GCP environment cost after migration as per the GCP Cloud Simulator?
  • How much can I save at the end of the day?
  • Is Google Cloud the right choice for our business? 

In cooperation with Google Cloud, Wabion will assist clients throughout the Workload Assessment. Google covers the costs. With this more efficient approach, you will not only save 80% of your time, but also up to 50% of the infrastructure cost after implementation.

Contact us and we will get started with preparing a cost estimate. 


SAP on GCP: mit Google Cloud nutzen Sie SAP Daten besser

Many firms launch their journey into the Google Cloud with a migration of their SAP environment to take advantage of the increased cooperation between Google Cloud and Europe’s largest software company. Clients in the German-speaking region will also benefit from the close collaboration between the SAP experts at both Wabion and Google Cloud. 


What are the advantages of SAP on GCP?

  • Reduction in infrastructure and operational costs of up to 50%
  • Resources made available within minutes instead of weeks thanks to scalability of GCP
  • Innovation via integration of GCP’s AI and machine learning modules
  • 80% fewer system failures
  • Improved customer experience thanks to data-driven approach

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