As a search engine pioneer, Google is the perfect choice if you want your customers to be able to find you more directly. Wabion offers consulting and service not only when it comes to the individualized use of Google Maps Platform and G Suite App Google Cloud Search. As a long-standing Lucidworks Platinum Partner, we also pave the way for your own custom-tailored enterprise search solution.

Mit Google Maps finden Ihre Kunden direkt zu Ihnen

GEO with Google Maps

Positive customer experiences are often dependent on your business location and how easy it is to reach. With Google Maps, finding a business location becomes a successful customer experience. Wabion will build custom-tailored solutions for your business based on Google Maps Platform and with Carto as GIS solution:

What are the benefits of Google-Maps-Platform-based solutions?

Business intelligence

Thanks to Google Maps, your distribution will run smoothly throughout. Optimise your delivery routes and your location planning. You know your company’s geostrategic environment at all times.

Customer support

Lead your customers to the next-best destination or to one of your partners in the event of damage. To your customers, you’re always ‘on site’ and provide the best possible service.

Location services

With this full-service product by Wabion, your location data is always up-to-date on Google Search, Google Maps and Google My Business — keeping your Google ranking at a high level.

Risk Management

Data on social or political risks, weather alerts or police reports can be integrated easily and used for recommendations or analyses.

Every day, 25 million updates from over 1000 sources, 99% global coverage with data on 200 countries and 40 million kilometres of roads shorten the journeys of more than 1 billion active users. Google Maps helps you find and be found. As a certified Google Maps Partner, we will gladly develop an optimised Google-Maps-Platform-based solution for your business. We look forward to hearing from you!


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Enterprise search solutions with Lucidworks

Google Cloud Search provides you with an extensive search solution for your G Suite environment. Furthermore, being a Platinum Partner, Wabion also offers the possibility of integrating the Lucidworks Fusion enterprise search solution. With the market leader when it comes to AI-powered search, all internal and external data sources (including applications) can be combined into a single enterprise solution. At the push of a button, searching becomes finding, and your employees will be able to continuously gain new insights through direct access to your information pool.

With the semantics expansion Cogito and the new Smart Answers system, relevant information is made easily accessible via chatbots and virtual assistants. This shortcut reduces waiting times for support hotlines, increases the productivity of your employees and improves customer satisfaction.


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