Your Google Cloud solution

Wabion covers the complete range of Google Cloud services: We pave the way for your first steps [SETUP],  give you a hand while moving your IT infrastructure [MIGRATE], help you modernise your applications [TRANSFORM], take your data analysis to the next level [UNLOCK], boost your teamwork [SHARE] and lead your customers to you in a more direct manner [FIND].


Your Schedule - your pace

Depending on your individual project, you may take advantage of all or just part of our GCP expertise. You determine the project schedule and pace as well as the scope of our commitment.

GCP only- we stick to what we know best

We know what we’re capable of and stick to it. We develop Google Cloud solutions - also in the Hybrid- and Multi-Cloud environment. We continuously deepen our cooperation with Google.

From licencing to implementation

From GCP and G Suite licencing and consulting to implementation and training, Wabion provides everything from a single source. You will receive your own custom-tailored Google Cloud solution.

Certified and awarded experts

Whether cloud architects, SW developers or account managers — our employees hold countless certificates and awards from Google.

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Discover Wabion’s Google Cloud expertise

Every journey to the cloud is unique. Depending on the initial conditions, strategy or legal requirements, planning, implementation and maintenance look different for every business. We structure the Wabion Google Cloud expertise into six different areas. Together, we determine how to best get you to your individual Cloud Google goal in the quickest and most secure way.

Cloud Foundation - mit Wabion Setup Google Cloud aufsetzen

[SETUP]Equipped with the right tools, you will reach your goal faster. Our Cloud Foundation approach has proven itself time and time again — though the scope varies from project to project.   

Our services: Cloud Foundation
Resources: Cloud IAM, Cloud Identity, Cloud Monitoring, Terraform  and more
References: AXA, Groupe Mutuel, Coop and more

[MIGRATE]: Kick off your transformation with a migration. We help you seamleslly switch your IT infrastructure from one environment to the next.

Our services: Lift & Shift, Workload Assessment, SAP on GCP
Resources: GCP Compute Engine, Migrate for Compute Engine, Cloud Physics Assessment etc.
References: Ricardo, Gamaya and more

Migration als erster Schritt für Ihre digitale Transformation
Mit TRANSFORM modernisieren wir Applikationen und entwickeln cloud-native APPs

[TRANSFORM]: By modernizing your applications, you take full advantage of the cloud. Wabion will show you how and develop cloud-native applications for you as well.

Our services: Application Modernization, cloud-native Application Development, API Management 
Resources: GCP Kubernetes Engine, Firebox, Apigee
References: Shinsen, Valora, Swiss Steel and more

[UNLOCK]: Google Cloud and Wabion view Data Lakes, Data Analytics and Machine Learning (ML) as a key areas of interest. We will upgrade your analysis options and lead you to new customer insights and business innovations.  

Our services: Big Data, Data Analytics, AI & ML 
Resources: BigQuery, Dataflow, Pub/Sub and more
References: AXA, Swiss Steel and more

Mit G Suite arbeiten Teams produktiver

[SHARE]: Google Workspace, Google Cloud’s Office Suite, allows for new forms of collaboration. Wabion will support you with technical expertise, change management know-how and training. 

Our services/ resources: Google Workspace, Wabion Contactify, Wabion Translation Services, Chrome for Enterprises
References: Tx Group, Ferrum, KAESER and more

[FIND]: Lucidworks Fusion and Google Maps make your data easier to find as well as your internal users and online shop visitors happier.

Our services/ resources: Google Maps, Lucidworks
Referenzen: Delivery Hero and more

Daten finden und von Kunden gefunden werden - mit Google Maps und Lucidworks

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