Lucidworks Platinum Partner

We believe in the power of open source solutions, but our business clients also require stability, support and direct points of contact. For us, Lucidworks Fusion perfectly unites these advantages into a single product. Lucidworks has been active on the European market since 2016 and here too we have been partners since day one. Wabion is a Lucidworks Platinum Partner.

Lucidworks is transforming the way in which people access information in order to make data-based decisions. Lucidworks is the only company that provides search development platforms on the basis of Apache Lucene/Solr Open Source for large enterprises. A quarter of the developers from the Apache Lucene/Solr Project work at Lucidworks, which makes Lucidworks the biggest provider of open source search solutions in the industry. Lucidworks Search delivers an unsurpassed scalability for billions of documents the results of which can be accessed in less than a second. Some of Lucidworks’ investors include Shasta Ventures, Granite Ventures, Walden International and In-Q-Tel.

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