Looker partner

Smarter and faster data-based decisions

We are very pleased to add a strategic partner to our portfolio starting June 2020. Looker is a business intelligence platform that looks at the data in your company from many angles and gets the most out of it. The solution can be adapted to many different use cases. Looker is compatible and combinable with any analysis system and, as a 100% Google subsidiary, also runs with all other cloud providers.

In today’s economy, it is the norm that more and more decisions are made based on numbers. However, their analysis and thus the access to their actual economic value is often too long and cumbersome. Thanks to BigQuery, partial automation and self-service, Looker enables this route to be shortened considerably.

The self-service aspect is of particular interest to companies like Raisin, Germany’s most successful fintech start-up. Every employee should have direct access to the data relevant to them and their decisions. The interface can be used intuitively even for less tech-savvy colleagues, it is web-based and can therefore be displayed on any device. Data analysts are relieved by the fact that employees can answer emerging questions themselves and act accordingly without waiting.

The advantages of Looker at a glance:

  • Data-driven corporate culture thanks to self-service in ad hoc analyses
  • More data security through direct access to sources instead of temporary storage
  • Everything at a glance thanks to practical, individualized dashboards
  • Unified business logic across all departments