IBM Partner

No other partner shares such a long history with us. We use the deep technical know-how embedded in IBM Notes for our clients in existing applications, even if the clients decide to switch platform. Particularly the migration away from IBM Notes is very complex, due to the fact that IBM Notes is not just a mail system but also an application platform. We are thus able to take advantage of our 15-year-long experience in the field as part of such migration projects.

Wabion has been using IBM Notes products since day one and has amassed extensive experience with the installation, operation and administration of IBM Notes/Domino.

As an official IBM Business Partner, we will be happy to support you concerning questions about the consolidation of your infrastructure or the migration of your installations to updated versions, even across several older versions. We have developed a series of in-house software tools for these tasks, which we employ to carry out “magical things” to quote some of our clients. In the last few years alone, Wabion has thus helped several tens of thousands of users migrate.

Wabion is your reliable and competent partner when it comes to the development or customisation of IBM Notes based applications. We support you from the requirement analysis to the implementation of simple and complex applications for the Notes client, the web as well as for background processes. Here, we are very well-versed when it comes to classic domains, such as connecting to Office products and integrating data and other systems, as well as new areas, such as Dojo, X-Pages, WebServices and Ajax.