Carto Partner

“PREDICT THROUGH LOCATION” — CARTO is an open, powerful and intuitive platform for discovering and predicting the most important insights related to our world’s location data.

With the Carto map solution, enterprises can extract even more information from geotagged data. With this powerful map solution, generating data-based reports, visualising them on geographical maps and providing these to users for collaboration is made easy.

Especially in the form of the combination of Carto as a GeoServer and analysis tool and Google Maps for Work as base maps with various services, Carto and Wabion see a solution for enterprises of any size and for projects of any level of complexity.

Wabion and Carto have thus entered a strategic partnership. Carto provides the tools and the enterprise support, whereas Wabion brings consultancy, know-how, development capacity and expertise in Google Maps for Wors to the table.