Webinar – “Building a Business Case for Enterprise Search”

March 14th, 2019

How you can use Enterprise Search to make the most of your most valuable asset – your data

Together with our partner Lucidworks, we want to bring prospects closer to the possibilities of Enterprise Search and provide users with additional information and optimization options.

For this we offer free participation in three webinars of a respective duration of 30 minutes.

The first webinar will be hosted the:

March 20
6:00 PM (CET)
“Building a Business Case for Enterprise Search”
John Lenker (Lucidworks) & Dan Woods (Forbes)

Does your organization view search as an essential complement to traditional work flows, a nice-to-have, or an annoyance? If it’s either of the latter two, you could be missing out on the opportunity to drive measurable outcomes in your business.

Learn how you can maximize the success of your workers by providing them with consumer-like search experiences that give them the insights they need to make informed and actionable decisions.

In this webinar,…

…you will learn how you can use AI and machine learning to provide a world-class search experience.
…we will demonstrate that AI-powered search drives employee engagement and retention.
…we will predict and calculate ROI for your investment in AI-powered search.

Want to attend the webinar? Please fill out the following form. In case you do not get an atuomatic reply, please reach out to us!

Find a whitepaper “Beyond Enterprise Search with Solr” to read here.

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