Prevent from Shadow IT with Google G Suite

June 6th, 2018

The dangers of Shadow – IT

Private Google usage, Dropbox or iCloud accounts are not uncommon in most companies and are used when IT itself does not offer the appropriate cross-company data exchange capabilities. But what happens to company data when an employee leaves the company? Wabion has dealt with this topic and summarized the most important information for you:

Where do my employees store data and how do they send them?

Many end users in your business use classic cloud services like Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud, or Dropbox. Not uncommon, data is also sent via Facebook or WhatsApp.

The end user goes the simplest and, most importantly, the most comfortable way. He uses what he also knows privately, as long as the company does not offer him a strategy for fast and secure data exchange. Companies invest a lot to i.e. encrypt disks or protect USB ports. The easiest way to get data from the company is undoubtedly the easy use of cloud storage services.

Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google Adwords?

Almost every company uses Google products with its public website. Every company has accounts to manage Google Analytics, Google Search Console or Google Adwords.For this purpose Google accounts are necessary, which are often created in an uncontrollable way by agencies and administrators. Unfortunately, these “private” Google accounts are not controllable and certainly not administrable via your central authentication system. What to do? We’ll show you how to use G Suite to collect these accounts and place them under central control .. the best part is that you only pay 40 euros per account per year.

What happens when an employee leaves the company?

The danger of an employee leaving the company and continuing to own the company data is very high. While locking a business account is very simple it’s not possible with a private account. Often, even business email addresses are used so that the user can cause significant damage both to the company and on behalf of the company..

What we recommend companies to do against such cases?

It must be offered a cloud solution, which the users know and therefore like to use. We recommend Google G Suite with Google Drive. The big advantage of the Google G-Suite is that it integrates seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure that you have unlimited storage, for example in the business solution (Google G-Suite Business) and you even have the possibility to create domain own address with your domain. On the one hand, you clean up shadow IT and on the other hand you give existing employees the chance to quickly and easily share documents with others across company boundaries.

We are happy to show you how to connect G-Suite with your Microsoft Active Directory, so that the user management can still be carried out centrally in one place.