Valora: Cloud Success with Wabion

December 15th, 2017

Valora, Google and Wabion have joined a roundtable, together with various media representatives, to present the Swiss kiosk giant’s successful migration to the Google Cloud. For several months now, Valora (with brands such as k kiosk, avec, Press and Books, Brezelkönig, among many others) has employed a more uniform and efficient cloud solution at more than 1,000 Swiss points of sale. As Valora CIO Roberto Fedele explained, the new solution makes it possible to take advantage of countless synergies, which structure the communication between points of sale, suppliers and the head office and also unify and automate key processes.

Wabion Switzerland, the leading Swiss Google Cloud integration partner, conceptualised the new solution together with Valora. It replaces a very heterogeneous IT landscape with countless different and parallel systems and processes by a single, unified approach.

The implementation of the new concept, led by Wabion, is based on the Google G Suite (with Google Mail, Calendar, Drive and Google Accounts) and was enhanced by the app. This specially developed solution uses the popular Firebase backend. All communication activities in sales management can now be carried out via five clearly structured modules:

  • Communication to the POS (point of sale)
  • Process-oriented communication
  • Special implementations
  • Unstructured communication (chat)
  • Libraries with all POS information

The migration into the cloud has enabled Valora to significantly simplify and improve existing processes as well as to build a platform that can be expanded in a flexible manner, making it ready for future demands.

Additionally, the trade and logistics enterprise has been able to find an efficient, long-term and affordable solution for countless infrastructure tasks (lifecycle management of internal systems, high availability, security, scalability, …) thanks to the Google Cloud.

Today, Valora is ready to roll out the solution to additional countries, markets and chains, and the company is thus perfectly equipped for future growth and increased expansion, as well as for the migration of additional business areas into the cloud.

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