Strategic Partnership with Expert System

October 23rd, 2014

With Wabion and Cogito’s semantic expansion, our clients can take even more advantage of their Google Search Appliance based enterprise search solution.

Wabion and Expert System have formed a partnership in the field of semantic enterprise search. The strategic partnership is valid for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The Wabion Group, a leading Google for Work Partner in the German-speaking region, has announced a strategic partnership with Expert System. Expert System is one of the leading enterprises in the area of semantic technologies and the developer of the Cogito software. Together, they seek to find new and innovative solutions in the area of Google Search appliance based enterprise search to help their clients grow.

The Wabion Group has already implemented a variety of custom solutions for clients on the basis of the Google Search Appliance which go far beyond mere full text search. By lifting the limitation of conventional keywords, Cogito recognises what’s contained within documents, understands the meaning and the context, expands the content with metadata and organises it automatically within Google Search Appliance’s index.

The combination between Google Search Appliance and Cogito offers clients an optimised search which delivers precise and detailed results and can thus actively respond to questioning.

“We believe that Expert System offers the best solution on the market for the direct integration of semantic components into the Google Search Appliance”, says Michael Walther, Managing Director of Wabion GmbH Germany.

“The partnership with Wabion gives Expert System the opportunity to expand its activities to the German-speaking region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and to move one step forward in the company’s international expansion”, says Marcell Pellacani, VP for Strategic Partnerships at Expert System.