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Forrester: Google Cloud Platform leads in Insight

August 11th, 2017

In the most recent Forrester report on the topic of “Insight Platforms-As-A-Service, Q3 2017”, the renowned American technology market research company arrives at a clear conclusion: Among the eight global providers evaluated, Google is clearly leading with its Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Their current offer, as well as their overall strategy, make Google the undisputed leader. Among the defeated, you will find offers from other tech giants and several smaller vendors specialising insight solutions.

Forrester Overview Insight Cloud Platforms Q3 2017

Google scores with strong performance and scalability

The Google Cloud Platform impressed the market researcher with their exceptionally performing and scalable PaaS components, such as AppEngine and Big Query. The automatic scalability of most of the components, meaning autonomous management of additional parallel units depending on incurring data volume, is a big plus. The excellent integration of the popular open-source platforms Hadoop and Spark was also highlighted, as well as the ability to set up compact Dataflow pipelines that are optimised for batch and streaming operations at the same time.

First choice for AI and machine learning

The second asset in Google’s portfolio is “insight execution”. The sophisticated machine learning components (including hyper-parameter tuning for optimising the model parameters), as well as container and API management, allow the client to quickly develop, optimise and implement highly ambitious big data and data science solutions. Countless pre-trained models allow for quick prototyping and the implementation of sophisticated and novel AI solutions.

Road map and vision

Concerning upcoming developments, Forrester also awards Google with the best possible marks. Google is rapidly expanding and harmonising its individual components. Undoubtedly driven by their own ambitious product developments, Google will likely continue to be ahead of the competition, considering their strong platform and the expansion of their features.

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