Machine Learning and Data Analysis with Cogito

July 6th, 2017

What is Cogito?

Cogito, latin for “I think”, is a software that allows for decision-making support with the help of advanced algorithms that are founded on various artificial intelligence concepts. The software thus accelerates the human capacity for thought on the basis of today’s technologies. Cogito differentiates itself from ordinary software through its cognitive capacities and its employment of artificial intelligence. The software was developed by our strategic partner Expert System. Expert System specialises in semantic intelligence and has done extensive work on the subjects of machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

How can the software be implemented? 

One possibility is to directly integrate the software into a search solution. We have created such an integration into the Google Search Appliance as well as into Lucidworks Fusion. These two products provide a functional solution and complement each other perfectly. As a result, even unstructured contents and data can be analysed. The process is conducted with the help of semantic analysis and language processing. Due to this combined search solution, extracting information and discovering new insights takes only very little time.

Cogito can also be used for customer service, where language is often the primary interface. The software enables the provider to understand the customer’s language and to react to corresponding requests. Cogito can, for example evaluate the content of an email and receives the same result as if the email had been read by a human. Customers can thus raise their concerns on their level of understanding without having to use the complicated and specialised language of the given industry. This enables better and less complicated communication with your customer. Furthermore, medical records or insurance questions can also be evaluated with the software.

One example of an implemented Cogito project can be found in the following post.

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