Google Maps — when do I actually need a license?

June 10th, 2017
Do I have to purchase a Google Maps license? In general, Google provides 2 license types:
  1. The Google Maps Developer Plan
  2. The Google Maps Premium Plan

The Google Maps Developer Plan is free, provided that your use meets the following requirements:

  • The application must be free of charge and be open to use by anyone without having to register or sign in.
  • One restriction concerns the App or the Play Store. If you want to charge a subscription fee for your application you will require the Premium Plan. Besides that, private use is only free for Android Apps.

Note: Google may place ads as part of the Google Maps Developer Plan and the resolution of the maps is lower than in the Google Maps Premium Plan.

You will need the Google Maps Premium Plan for the following use options:

  • When creating applications that are to be used internally or only as part of a closed user group. Android Apps are excluded from this.
  • For applications that charge money.
  • When using inventory tracking, independently of the development platform.
  • For web service APIs as well as for the JavaScript API.
  • For complete lack of advertisements, because, for example, your website or shop may otherwise display competing businesses.
  • Support by Google.
  • Guaranteed Service Level Agreement as well as technical support around the clock.

As part of the Google Maps Premium Plan, you have the following 2 license options:

  1. Standard use: The company uses Google Maps within the application itself.
  2. Integrator (or OEM): The company develops an application and passes it on to third parties.

As you can see, selecting the right license is not always easy and as a Google Cloud Premier Partner we will make sure to completely understand your needs and find the right license for you. Accordingly, you will be able to calmly and compliantly start your application.

Additional information on the various Google Maps Premium Plan APIs can be found in the following post.

Consultation is, of course, free of charge. Please feel free to contact our specialists at any time.