Important Changes Google Maps Premium Plan – Google Maps Platform

May 3rd, 2018

Important information about the Google Maps Premium Plan starting May 8, 2018

Google has announced far-reaching changes to Google Maps licensing on May 1, 2018, affecting both the Google Maps Standard Plan and the Google Maps Premium Plan – you can find the key changes in the following Google Blog post, and we’ll explain them later in this Wabion News article.

Google Maps Premium Plan will become Google Maps Platform

What will change for you as a Google Premium Plan customer?

Most important thing first, there will be no service interruptions for you! As a Wabion Google Maps Premium Plan customer, we will keep you informed and you will receive the new information proactively from your contract date from us.

The most important changes to the Google Maps Premium Plan will be:

Today Starting September 2018
Licenses Different licenses depending on the use case(INT, EXT, OEM) A license for all previously credit-based use cases *
Minimum Order Quantity Existing None
Pricing High inclusive volume Billing for effective consumption
Reporting Limited opportunities Improved opportunities for partners and customers
Integration with GCP (Google Cloud Plattform) Limited Unlimited
Support For premier customers only For all customers

* For so-called asset tracking licenses, the further course of action by Google is still unclear at the time of this news contribution.

When will the new contracts for the Google Maps Premium Plan apply??

The new Google Maps Premium Plan contracts will be available from September 2018. However, there are no changes to the ongoing Google Maps Premium Plan licenses. Also until the end of December 2018 Bridge-SKUs are offered (Extension of the current Google Maps Premium Plan licenses according to the previous license model).

What do these changes mean for Google Maps Premium Plan customers?

As Wabion customers using the Google Maps Premium Plan, we as your partner will contact you directly in a given time and discuss the next steps – this is how we individually find the best solution for each customer. If you have a Google Maps Standard Plan (for other Google Maps projects) in addition to the Google Maps Premium Plan, you will find additional information about the changes in the Google Maps Standard Plan in another news article.

In this case we ask you to contact us, as the plans have to be integrated together and can not be considered separately as before.

We will keep you informed on our website about news on the Google Maps Premium and Google Maps Standard Plan.

In addition, you can reach our Google Maps Transition team via the email address  – we’ll be glad to call you back.