Google Cloud Search

July 25th, 2018

Fast, secure and intelligent search with Google Cloud Search

Google Cloud Search brings the best of Google search to your business. Whether indexed data from Google G Suite or third-party applications, Google Cloud Search helps your employees quickly, easily, and securely search for information across the enterprise and all connected data sources.

Machine learning integrated as a core

Searching in your company’s data should be easy. Cloud Search uses machine learning to deliver immediate search suggestions and present the most relevant results across multiple content systems – in over 100 different languages. What Google does for the web is what Google Cloud Search does for your business.

Get the best results at

your fingertips Google Cloud Search provides robust SDKs and ready-to-use APIs that let you scale out huge amounts of data from any source. Google Cloud Search also provides out-of-the-box connectors for indexing third-party systems such as Oracle, MySQL, Windows file systems, and intranet solutions such as Microsoft SharePoint. Furthermore, plugins are available for popular web crawlers such as Nutch or Norconex. Whether your data is in your organization or in another cloud system, you can always stay up to date and find what’s important to you.

Privacy and securityneeds

models that fit yourYour search results reflect your organization’s security models. Granular access controls-including hierarchy at the individual, group, and content levels-ensure that users see only the search results they want to see. And because necessary updates are quickly reflected in access, these permissions change with the evolution of your organization.

Google Cloud Search Deploys on a Proven Platform

Google Cloud Search is built on the same trusted Google infrastructure that supports tens of billions of user products, including Google Web Search. With Google Cloud Search, you get Google’s accustomed speed, performance, and reliability.

Which partners can you support?

Do you want to launch Google Cloud Search in your organization? Wabion is one of the first selected partners to offer Google Cloud Search and directly assist you in the integration process. Trust in our 10-year know-how in the enterprise search environment.