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Google Cloud Region Germany has launched

September 12th, 2017

Google launches new Cloud Region in Germany

Today, Google has launched the new “Germany” region for the Google Cloud Platform. From now on, enterprises will have the ability to select the region of Germany to create software and apps, as well as to store data, ensuring that the data and applications remain within Germany.

The region of Germany will be operated from a new Google data centre in Frankfurt/Main. “With Germany as a Cloud region, we are following up on a frequently mentioned customer request”, said Urs Hölzle, Senior Vice President of Technical Infrastructure at Google, during a presentation at the Google Office in Munich. Next to Michael Korbacher, Director of Cloud Google DACH, around 200 additional guests and partners, such as SAP, Rewe Digital, Kärcher and MeisterLabs, were on site as well.

With the new region in Germany, europe-west3, there is now an additional location on the European mainland, next to europe-west1 in Belgium. The resources of both regions are to be combined.

In the region europe-west3 (data centre in Frankfurt), enterprises from Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Eastern Europe will be able to host their applications and thus achieve a significantly reduced network latency in contrast to the region in Belgium. In addition to the reduction of network latency, Google is also engaging the wish of many customers to be able to run and store data and applications within Germany.

The region Germany is subdivided into three zones and provides the following services from the Google Cloud Portfolio:








(Source: Google)



Optimal connection to the Internet

With its new offer, Google is also appealing to their customers’ continuing security concerns.

Urs Hölzle emphasised and explained how Google treats their customers’ data in general. Google does not have access to their customers’ data from any of the Google Cloud regions. The data is encrypted and can thus not be read by Google. The new Google Cloud region uses its own backbone, ensuring an optimised network connection. At the same time, however, it is very well connected to the world’s biggest internet exchange point DE-CIX in Frankfurt.

Number of Google Cloud regions set to increase over the coming years 

In total, the Google Cloud Platform now has 10 regions with 30 zones, as well as a global network with thousands of kilometres of fibre optic cables, providing customers with the best possible latency and speed around the world.

Using this link, you can access Google’s corresponding blog entry on the matter.

Additional details on the data centre in Frankfurt can be retrieved via the following link.

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