Invitation Google Webinar – Modernizing IT in a Cloud-First World

March 19th, 2018

What: A global digital event on how enterprises can modernize their infrastructure and start a secure migration; Get practical advice from Google Cloud engineers and customers with 15 sessions and trainings

When: Wednesday, Mar 28, 10:00 AM–02:45 PM CET

Where: live Webinar – register here

Whom: Target audience

IT Managers: Systems administrator

IT administrator, Operations engineer, Systems engineer, Infrastructure engineer, DevOps engineer

IT decision-makers: CIO, CTO, VP Engineering, VP Infrastructure

Director/Head of Infrastructure, Enterprise Architect


Agenda: here

Objectives:Get cloud-ready: When migrating to the cloud, which workloads should you prioritize? Get practical advice from Google Cloud engineers and customers.

Learn from the experts – live: You’ll get more from the cloud when you modernize applications using containers and Google Kubernetes Engine. Connect live with our experts about how to get started.

Train your team: Sign up for five hands-on training sessions on Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes Engine, and more.