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Wabion Cloud Translation Service

Our Cloud Translation Web Service Service is your perfect solution for business translations, relying on the power and reliability of Google Cloud and the Translation API.

Our Cloud Translation Service provides an easy-to-use web interface for translating any text into one of >100 supported languages ​​using the latest machine learning technologies. The intuitive user experience and the speed of translation allow small and large texts to be quickly and easily translated by their staff.

The well-known translation service is not the first choice for the professional application: lack of user contracts with companies, little transparency in data processing and location, no connection to external systems as well as the use of user and advertising tracking make the enterprise use difficult.

With our solution, you get your own fully fledged and highly scalable translation service with handy features like history, clipboard function, custom dictionaries in modern material design. And in the backend, thanks to Google Cloud, you have the ability to answer millions of translation requests in seconds.

Security as it’s best

Google’s secure cloud is the result of more than 15 years of continuous improvement, taking into account all aspects of using Gmail, Google Search, and other Google applications, ensuring the complete security of users and their data. The Google Cloud Platform enables your applications and data to leverage this same security model. All Google services are under the new general data protection regulation of the EU (GDPR).


What challenges does the customer identify with the
public Google Cloud Translate ?

  • No influence on the further processing of the data
  • Can be modified at any time by Google
  • Usage may be restricted by Google at any time
  • Possible advertising by Google user tracking
  • No control over personal data (DSGVO and GDPR)
  • Possible use for sensitive and secret or top-secret data
  • Can not be integrated into existing systems (eg intranet, shop applications etc)
  • No own dictionaries possible
  • No company agreement
  • No control in which Google data center the translation is performed


What are the benefits of using Wabion Cloud Translation Webservice ?

  • Useful and fully customizable web front-end for Google Cloud Translation AP
  • If the explicit inclusion of the Google Translate API allows the system to pre-check how, when, and when to submit data to the Google Cloud Translation API be sent.
  • No advertising. The customer can use his translations guaranteed ad-free
  • Data will not be used and stored for learning purposes by the Google Machine Learning Algorithms
  • No permanent storage of data by Google
  • No storage of personalized data or texts by the solution itself
  • Data Location of hosting for the complete solution is Germany (Frankfurt, Region europe-west3)
  • DSGVO and GDPR-compliant and contractually guaranteed
  • Full cost control – no hidden costs – fixed price per month for the whole system (only the translation costs will be charged separately)
  • No infrastructure requirements for the customer
  • Including service and support
  • Wabion acts as a central contact
  • Public translate.google. * Can be redirected to Wabion Cloud Translation Service on customer’s proxy.


The entire system is based on the Google Cloud Platform and uses the following modules:

Google App Engine
  • Web Server (PaaS) – Cloud or OnPremise Server
Google Translation API
  • Translation
  • Recognition
Google Pub / Sub und BigQuery
  • For logging and analysis

Simple, intuitive frontend

Our translation service is delivered as a website in a clear, minimal design and of course can be adapted to your CI.

  • > 100 supported languages
  • Using Google’s Material Design
  • Responsive Layout for all devices and screens
  • Geo localization and several frontend languages ​​if desired
  • Additional content with tips and explanations
  • Translation history (if desired)
  • Intelligent selectors for languages ​​
  • Clipboard Functionality
  • Custom dictionary
  • AutoML Translation models for your own Translation Memories
  • Integration of Google Cloud Speech-to-Text API for speech based text input
  • Additional functions and further adaptations through open architecture possible at any time


Feel free to test the Wabion Translation Service in our Live-Demo.

Full Service

With our full-service approach to implementing the Wabion Translation Service, you get the following services:

  • The entire system – no additional licensing costs
  • Installed on the Google Cloud platform, hosted on GAE
  • Customization to your design CI / CD
  • Integration with your intranet system
  • Service and Support with SLA
  • Cloud Platform Consumption Costs Hosting up to 400 Euros per month included (translation costs will be billed separately)
  • Multilingual Web Application
  • 8 hours support per month including
  • Ongoing optimizations and new features

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