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Cloud-Powered Software

You’re facing the old question again: standard software or custom development? Have you had enough of standard software solutions that end up requiring all kinds of pricy customisations which hike up the costs but are you also concerned about the long-term uncertainty in regard to the costs and maintenance of custom software?

With solutions based on the Cloud Platform, it’s a different picture altogether. With platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solutions, you can create state-of-the-art applications with significantly less effort and expenses — with improved maintenance and significantly better scalability. Buzzwords like “serverless” or “NoOps” emphasise that the customer no longer has to worry about infrastructure or operations on a technical level.

These benefits have been crucial for the decision of the internationally operative Swiss trade and logistics company Valora to switch to Wabion’s PaaS software: Valora Cloud Success with Wabion.

A perfect recipe for cloud services

With its platform-as-a-service solution, Google offers an optimal ecosystem for your application. All of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) components are used by Google in its own applications (YouTube, Gmail, Drive…) and have been optimised over many years. The most important component of the ecosystem is the extensive security solution.

Google’s secure cloud is the result of a process that has been continuously improved over 15 years, and which takes into consideration all aspects pertaining to the use of Gmail, Google Search and other Google applications, providing extensive security for its users and their data. The Google Cloud Platform makes it possible to also take advantage of this security model when it comes to your own applications and data. All Google services are subject to the new privacy regulations of the EU (GDPR).

Which components are part of a cloud-powered software?

Google Firebase (Backend as a Service/BaaS)

Firebase is a comprehensive backend solution which orchestrates additional services for you at the push of a button and also provides these for your web application or your app in a simple manner. You not only benefit from the general advantages of the Google Cloud Platform services, but also from a perfectly fine-tuned basis solution which assumes all additional infrastructure-based tasks for you. The following functionalities are offered or managed by Google Firebase:


  • Simple and secure management of users
  • Several methods to register for your application — email/password combination, third-party login (Google, Facebook, etc.) or via your already existing mechanisms

Realtime Cloud Database

  • Save and synch data in real-time
  • Cloud-hosted noSQL-database, perfectly suited for your agile development process

Cloud storage (document storage)

  • Storage and distribution of images, videos, audio files and many other digital contents
  • Google security when downloading or uploading files

Cloud Hosting

  • Easy and state-of-the-art handling of static data for your web application
  • Automatic and secure distribution of your data across the world

Cloud Functions

  • Expansion of backend functionalities with additional services without having to administer own server
  • Automatic scaling of functionalities

With the help of Firebase, we are able to develop cloud applications very quickly that can be scaled globally and conform to the highest security standards.  An example is X-Alps.

Node.js (expansion of the backend)

Node.js is used wherever your custom needs go beyond the backend functionalities provided by Firebase.

Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment which builds on the V8 JavaScript engine by Google Chrome. We mostly used Node.js on the server-side. However, the technology is custom-tailored for realising web servers and web services. Additionally, Node.js possesses a special event loop which allows you to efficiently handles a large number of simultaneous requests.

Node.js has become an indispensable tool in modern web development and is used in various aspects of the Google Cloud (Cloud Functions, App Engine, Computer Engine, etc.)

Angular Web App (end application)

Angular is a client-side JavaScript framework for creating web applications (single page web applications). It is continuously being developed by Google in collaboration with a large online community as an open source framework. Angular has very powerful and extensive functionalities, which makes the cloud applications much easier, more efficient and more maintenance-friendly in comparison to other solutions realised in older technologies (JQuery and others). The modular setup of the Angular application also supports uncomplicated, parallel and agile software development.

Optimise your cloud-powered software with machine learning

In the Google Cloud, your application can benefit directly from Google’s wide machine learning offer. Google provides already trained models for immediate use (language recognition, image recognition, text translation, text analysis, and more) as well as a powerful framework for creating your own models custom-tailored to your specific needs.

Find out more about the subject of machine learning in the Google Cloud under Machine Learning in der Cloud.

Can your existing systems be integrated into your new cloud application?

With the computing components of the Google Cloud Platform, you have everything at your disposal that you may need to operate your existing system in the cloud — from global, stable services with load balancing to flexible VMs for a single instance. The Google Cloud Platform offers a series of scalable computing options which you can customise to your own needs. Google Compute Engine offers customisable VMs with a user-friendly pricing model following the pay-for-what-you-use principle and the option to provide code directly via container. With Google Kubernetes Engine, you can employ fully-managed clusters in order to provide, manage and orchestrate containers on a large scale. Google App Engine is a flexible platform-as-a-service offer (PaaS) where you can fully concentrate on your code. You no longer have to worry about operational details such as the provision and management of your infrastructure.

Find out more about the top of Google Cloud Infrastructure under Infrastructure & Operations.

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