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Application Innovation on GCP

Keeping the edge on application innovation - Focus on fast and future-proof innovation

  • Seamless CI/CD acceleration
  • Increased DevOps efficiency
  • Service-based application architecture
  • Autoscaled and zero-maintenance microservices
  • Improved development governance
  • Holistic application lifecycle management
  • Managed microservice security and monitoring
Accelerating application innovation

Today’s challenges require new levels of speed, innovation and breadth of functions and features. Growing availability, security and reliability requirements raise the bar in many domains for modern application development. Faster prototyping needs to be aligned with ease of operations – and this end-to-end thinking poses challenges.

Increased CI/CD and DevOps

Cutting time and effort for source to production has become essential. A structured roll-out of new features with reliability and stability for operations is a challenge. Only
a good understanding and combination of processes and tools – built in Google Cloud Platform or additional – will keep your organization ahead.

Integrate industry-leading building blocks

Google Cloud Platform is built for these growing challenges – and pushing these limits is in Googles genes. Their building blocks allow your application to run everywhere, to keep your functions portable and extendable. Using Google’s built-in security and scalability adds quality and flexibility without deviating your focus from what’s important for your business. Understanding these state-of-the-art building blocks and how to integrate is thefoundation of our expertise to help you accelerate your application lifecycle.

Integrate different sources with maximum control

Modern digital experiences integrate many services from various sources. Modern digital services use modern applications, legacy systems or external services. With modern API management, you can not only accelerate their interconnection, but also monitoring, management and governance – all the way to monetization.

Mastering the cloud economics

Flexibility and economics can best be achieved in the cloud. The No-Capex scalability of Google Cloud Platform together with purpose-built automation for fast startup, repetition or automated up-and-downscaling helps you get the most out of GCP for your needs.

Bringing it all together

Our expertise and experience in software architecture and development, combined with a deep understanding of Google Cloud Platform and Kubernetes possibilities make us the Premier Partner for your application innovation challenges.

Your next steps

Get started – Practical workshop sessions fitted to your individual needs

We help you shape and master your journey to the Google Cloud:

  • 360° method for your Google Cloud journey – built on Google’s best practices
  • Support from first ideas to fully operational solution
  • Tailoring the Google Cloud portfolio to your specific needs
  • Senior support and services at all levels:
    • Business and strategy
    • IT and application architecture
    • Software and systems engineering
    • Program/project management
    • Change management
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JumpStart – Individual cloud consulting packages for enterprises

From the first consultation to the delivery of licenses and the introduction of cloud solutions for the client — we provide cloud consulting from a single source. Personal. Uncomplicated. Client-focused.

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