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Accelerate your GOOGLE CLOUD-journey with the Wabion METHOD

Every company’s cloud journey is different. Depending on your initial conditions, your own IT expertise and your overall goal, we first set the course and then either assist you for part of the journey or take you all the way to the finish line — and beyond. At Wabion, we have successfully helped more than 50 small, mid-size and large firms from various industries into Google Cloud. We have developed a Get Started approach that takes into account each firm’s strategic, technical and human factors.

Four key lessons
from projects with more than 50 clients

Early launch pays off

When the decision for Google Cloud has been made, then a quick start usually pays off. With Wabion's expertise you will overcome obstacles faster and more smoothly.

Iterative approach prevents diversions

A cloud journey doesn’t always have to be a massive leap. Our MVP approach has established itself as tried & tested thanks to the uncomplicated way of working, learning and improving.

Setup determines optimal pace

The pace of your cloud journey should always be based on the technical and operational capabilities of your business.

Bottom up and top down complement each other

Depending on each individual project and goal, a mix of technology and business always looks different, as well as the inclusion of different teams at different hierarchical levels.

Three routes, one goal — together, we will realize your cloud strategy

Cloud journeys tend to follow a broad strategy but are often limited to individual sections of your IT landscape. Depending on your objective, this usually results in either a top-down approach with a strategic focus or in the bottom-up principle with a tactical focus:

  • Strategic focus: How can we incorporate the cloud principles of agility, openness and flexibility into your company’s DNA? How will you make optimal use of automation, managed services and other cloud strategies for your business while meeting the highest security and compliance standards?
  • Tactical focus: How will you make optimal use of Google Cloud’s flexibility, automated scaling and cost advantage for specific IT areas? How can you reduce operational overhead while at the same time modernising applications for certain uses?

The balance between a more strategic or tactical focus will determine the course of your cloud journey. The tried and tested Wabion approach differentiates between three main paths:

Wabion’s Get Started packages:
You decide where we start

With [SETUP], [MIGRATE], [TRANSFORM], [UNLOCK], [SHARE] and [FIND]Wabion’s expertise covers all Google Cloud services. Depending on whether you want to employ Google Cloud Platform (GCP), G Suite or Google Maps for your business, your cloud journey with Wabion will have a different start. 

Based on many years of experience with Google Cloud, we have created different packages that either have a more strategic or tactical focus depending on the area and objective. In addition to the sequence, you also decide the format of our collaboration and choose between DISCOVER, JUMP START and LIFT OFF. You can, of course, customize and combine our packages as you please. 


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