Newsletter 2021 April – Events

7. October 2022
Faces of Google Cloud Partners
Watch our Faces of Google Cloud Partners video and learn from Michael Walther what makes our partnership with Google Cloud so strong.
1. October 2022
Rewatch webinar about Google Cloud VMware Engine on demand
Learn in our webinar from 25 August 2022 why more and more companies shift their VMware workloads to Google Cloud.
8. February 2022
Safer Internet Day on 08.02.2022
On this year's Safer Internet Day, Wabion Consultant and Google Workspace Security Specialist Jan Witt highlights which security measures from everyday business life should also be considered in the private environment.
28. September 2021
A sustainable cloud journey with Google & Wabion
Read in the official Google Cloud Blog, how Wabion takes companies to Google Cloud never losing sight of sustainability (article is in German).
5. March 2021
SAP and GCP: Highlights of the Webinar & Demo on 03.03.2021
Have you missed our webinar on SAP and GCP on 03.03.2021? Watch the highlights here or contact us to watch the full recording.
13. October 2020
Wabion Online Value Acceleration Session
Value Acceleration Session
Sign up for our Online Value Acceleration Session on November 11, from 9:00 to 12:00. Wabion, Google Cloud and Groupe Mutuel will share their first-hand knowledge on "Security & Governance for GCP".