Wabion Sitecore Connector for the Google Search Appliance

Improve the search capabilities of your Sitecore installation with the Google Search Appliance and the Wabion Sitecore Connector. Let your users nd quickly what they need!

Functionalities of the Connector

The Wabion Sitecore Connector is as lightweight integration software between the Google Search Appliance (GSA) and
your Sitecore instance. It enables functionalities - like Access Control List based authorization - which are not possible by simply crawling the content of a site. The connector is able to index Sitecore web pages in multiple languages, media elements, meta data of the elements as well as access rights for a fast delivery of secured be added to the connector.

How does it work

The Wabion Sitecore Connector is based on the Adaptor Plexi Framework of Google. It first retrieves all the Sitecore Items based on a list of templates and languages and then supplies the necessary information to the Google Search Appliance during the indexing process. The data exchange between the Wabion Sitecore Connector is occurring over the Sitecore Item Web API and directly over http request. 

Authentication and delivery of the search results

Authentication is performed over the legacy authentication system. The GSA supports all the main security protocols like AD, Kerberos, SAML and Cookie-based authentication. The search rendering can either be realized on the GSA itself and integrated as HTML (HTML-Fragment / Iframe) in Sitecore or an XML is retrieved from the GSA and the rendering is realized by any system.

Supported Versions

GSA Version 7.2 and higher
Sitecore Version 6.6 and higher

Technical Requirements

Installed Web Item API
Small (virtual) server
Service user to access the content and
the Web Item API

Enterprise Search for Sitecore

Searches all Documents

Secure Search

Easy to Install and Configure


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