Wabion IBM Connections Connector for Google Search Appliance

The Wabion IBM Connections Connector for GSA allows true enterprise search by indexing all IBM Connections Modules content including security with the Google Search Appliance.

How does it work

The Wabion GSA IBM Connections Connector supports all IBM Connections Modules. The user sends a search request to the Google Search ApplianceTM (GSA) from the search frontend. The GSA verifies the query against the index including the user credentials (early binding) and delivers the search results to the user. The GSA takes care of processing and formatting the results in the interface of the search engine in XML or HTML as standard.
The connector executes a set of specific tasks:
  • Read and convert the IBM Documents to the GSA document format.
  • Make a first full crawl of the selected IBM Connections Module Documents.
  • Keep IBM Connections Modules Documents updated: create, update and delete events and forward them to the GSA Documents.
  • Adapt the Access Control List from the IBM Connections Module Documents.


Security is provided using early binding. During crawling the ACLs are read from IBM Connections and fed to the GSA, so the GSA can provide security for the Documents in the Index. The user has to be successfully authenticated against the security provider of the IBM Lotus Connections System (normally LDAP). The GSA must be connected against the same LDAP directory.

Search Results

The search results coming from the IBM Connections modules are presented to the user together with other search results provided by the GSA.

Supported Versions

IBM Connections Version 4 or higher
GSA Version 7.x and higher
Apache Tomcat (servlet container) 6.0 or later
Java (JRE to run servlet container) 1.6 or later
GSA Connector Manager 3.0.8 (minimum)

Installation and Configuration

Set of cofigurations: IBM Connections server location, LDAP Server, crawl user configuration (authentication), filter of the URLs/Path (follow and not follow), IBM Connections Module configuration (select of modules).

1. Administrator Install/Configure Connector
2. Crawl documents from the IBM Connections
3. Return the documents to the Connector
4. Push documents into the GSA
5. GSA index the documents

After the first crawl the process from 2 to 5 repeats in a pre-defined time interval.


Enterprise Search for IBM Connections

Searches all Connections Documents

Secure Search

Easy to Install and Configure


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