Onebox Module for Lotus Notes Mail on Google Search Appliance

The Wabion module provides a fast, easy and low cost opportunity to let users search for documents in their personal Lotus Notes mailbox using the Google Search Appliance while not requiring any license key upgrade.

GSA Notes Mail Onebox Module

Enhance personal Lotus Notes Mailboxes with this Notes Mail Onebox Module and deliver true universal search to all users without risking Google Search Appliance (GSA) license costs to increase.

Search and Delivery

Users search using their standard GSA search frontend. The GSA triggers the Domino Mailbox Search Application via the GSA Onebox Module for Lotus Notes handing over search query and authenticated user. The Onebox Module queries using the correct Username of the authenticated User for appropriate search results and delivers them back to the GSA in defined Onebox result format. The GSA takes care of processing, formatting and displaying the results in the interface of the search engine using XML or HTML.

How does it work

Email data from the Domino Server is not indexed by GSA. The Wabion GSA Onebox Module on the results page calls the Lotus Notes application located on the Domino server to provide search results from the mailboxes acting as a Onebox provider.


Wabion Notes Mail Onebox Module is simply installed and configured on the Domino server and via the GSA Admin Interface.


Security is provided by the GSA itself. Users must be successfully authenticated against the GSA security provider before the Domino Mailbox Search Module will be triggered. If authentication fails calls against the Domino Mailbox Search Module will be handled without a user and will return no results.

Search Results

Search results coming from the Lotus Notes mailboxes are presented in combination with the results provided by the Google Search Appliance index.


Enhances Enterprise Search

No GSA Index Upgrade

Searches Personal Notes Mailboxes

Secure Search

Easy to Install and Configure


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